What is Leadership?
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What is Leadership?

What is leadership? Are people naturally endowed with leadership qualities or is it due to the circumstances in their environment that enable them to manifest their skill as leaders? How can one be an effective leader? What results if a leader does not function as he should? This article provides answers to these questions.

Voluminous studies have been done about leadership trying to capture its very essence and model it in such a way that anyone equipped with the essential ingredients can effectively dispense of this role. But is leadership something that can be learned or is it something inherent in some persons?

While attempts are made to attribute leadership qualities to either genes or the environment, this may not necessarily be mutually exclusive. Someone may have the genes of a good leader thus equate leadership to subconscious processes of the brain that cause him to lead effectively but without the right kind of environment or opportunity by which this quality will be demonstrated, effective leadership may never manifest itself.

Leadership Prospers with Good Followers

Leaders can only function to their maximum potential if they have gained followers who are willing to work with him, support him and walk with him towards a certain direction. A recognized leader is respected by his followers and given the right kind of support he needs. This boils down to loyalty, such that the objectives or dreams that the leader has set forth and which the followers have identified with will be realized. A leader ceases to become a leader if followers no longer recognize him as their leader.


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Jesus demonstrated the kind of leadership that effectively led many generations of followers. His kind of leadership is referred to as servant leadership, where he humbly submitted to His heavenly Father who sent Him to the world to save them from sin. His mission to the world is to die, not for his own sin, but the sin of the world and lifted himself up through the resurrection so that people will believe that there is next life after death and that He has power over death. This great objective was fulfilled by Jesus without question from One in authority. His influence transcends time and place and his principles and teachings reflected in the Holy Bible that established governments founded on justice, truth and love. America was established on Christian principles (see Dakota voice for a lengthy discussion).

Ineffective Leadership Equals Anarchy

When people disregard the authority, then there will be disorder as there is no longer effective leadership but anarchy. Anarchy is defined as a state of chaos due to lack of authority. During anarchy, everyone can do what they want without a government or leader to constrain them from doing something which is not within a system that establishes order. This happens during states of coup d'etat of governments where people are confused who is their real leader.

In organizations, this state of disorder can also happen. An employee who does not want to subscribe to the system of the organization sows confusion and discord. When anyone is allowed to do what he wants without respecting someone in authority, then this is a state of anarchy where chaos is the expected result. An effective leader must, therefore, take action to assert his authority and responsibility in leading such organization and reestablish order.

©Patrick Regoniel 3 February 2013 

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