The Entrepreneurial Director Leadership Style: Potential Weaknesses
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The Entrepreneurial Director Leadership Style: Potential Weaknesses

Abstract: Every company can have potential leadership style conflicts. Each company employs a variety of personality types with a variety of leadership styles. Everyone has a leadership style even if they are not in a leadership position. There are 4 main leadership styles in existence. It's important to understand your leadership style. My leadership style is the entrepreneurial director type. It's important to understand potential leadership style weaknesses as well. This article discusses potential weaknesses of my leadership style.

The entrepreneurial director leadership style is characterized by someone who has a strong desire to achieve. These leaders are willing to take reasonable risks to quickly take advantage of opportunities. In addition, this leadership style describes people who are visionaries with high enthusiasm for their undertakings. Furthermore, these leaders don’t care for over regulated environments if it slows progress. These leaders tend to be ahead of the game and are always looking to the future. These traits characterize people who tend to be highly productive. I have this leadership style combination. These traits have helped me manage difficult situations and make the most of circumstances. However, there are potential weaknesses with these combinations of traits. It makes sense to understand these weaknesses in order to compensate for any potential problems that could arise. 


In a team setting, if the team understands more than I do, my leadership styles could lead to dominating. This occurs when taking control is unnecessary and more an interruption because everyone already knows what to do. In that case, I would probably lean toward using any of the other appropriate leadership styles for the specific situation. I will explain some specific ways my leadership styles could create some weaknesses. 


As I mentioned, I tend to be in a hurry for a variety of reasons. I have just learned from experience that working ahead is critical in the entrepreneurial environment. In addition, I usually know what I want to do and how to do it. This combination can cause some friction if a team environment if I’m not empathetic to other’s viewpoints. For example, if I am in a hurry and understand what needs to be done, I can be impatient when others don’t seem to be up to speed. In addition, not everyone has the same level of initiative and drive. My impatience can sometimes be seen as an insult. In actuality, I just want to drive things to completion. I try to be understanding with others though. 

Employee Conflict

Furthermore, I tend to know what I want to do and how to do it. In a team environment, there are bureaucracies and hierarchies that members must navigate through in completing a task. If I am not in charge, or if there are members who have ideas that aren’t as good a solution as mine, I can become impatient. It takes time to evaluate situations and solutions to problems. I tend to be able to see the best solutions because play ahead. I look forward to see how one solution will affect the overall outcome of a situation. When others don’t see all the affects of potential solutions as quickly, I get frustrated. At this point, I don’t value the team decision making process as much. 

Decreased Camaraderie  

As I mentioned, I can become impatient and frustrated with the team process at times. Many times, I will not feel like being patient with team members who don’t seem to be good team players. When a team member doesn’t put forth effort or stay focused, I tend to get irritated. However, there are circumstances that can lead to people not putting forth effort or staying focused. It may be something more than just not caring. I need to be aware of that. On the other hand, I do expect team members to do their best to put forth 100% effort without having bad attitudes or making excuses.  

Leadership Style Conflicts 

Overall, I think the greatest potential for the development of weaknesses using the Director and Entrepreneurial leadership styles comes from one thing.  Simply put, if I don’t recognize when it’s appropriate to apply the other leadership styles to specific situations, I can exhibit the potential weaknesses I discussed. Ultimately, I think people who are directors make the best leaders. After all, you are the leader and have to take charge right from the beginning to affect the desired outcome. However, these leaders need to apply all of the leadership styles when they are needed in order to be great leaders.

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