Retail Manager Salary & Job Requirements
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Retail Manager Salary & Job Requirements

Retail manager salary varies by store. Job duties of retail managers includes helping their employees.

Not too many years ago you could walk through a retail store and find hourly employees everywhere, but rarely would you see a manager. You had to ask for one and it was usually to complain about something in the store. Today, the role of a retail manager has changed significantly and it would be rare not to see one out on the sales floor interacting with customers and employees.

Many people believe that a retail manager is only looking for ways to increase sales. Whether it is for the entire store or only for their area of responsibility, sales are the driving force in every retail business. The truth is there is a lot going on behind the scenes that most customers never see. Keeping inventory flowing and meeting their customers’ expectations is the primary way a manager does that, but more and more they are responsible for influencing the employees to get the job done.

In retail, there are buzzwords that drive managers to succeed:

• Engaged

• Inclusiveness

• Accountability

The manager has to be engaged with their employees to make them feel a part of the business and to drive the employees to be more engaged with the customer. The customer needs to believe they are the most important person in the world for every employee in which they come into contact and the employee needs to know they are important to the manager

An engaged workforce also feels that no matter where they are from or even what department they work in they are included in all aspects of the business. Being included in business decisions that affect them and their job will prompt them to help make decisions to improve their customers’ relationship with the store.

Accountability is an often misunderstood term to some retail managers. If they hand out an assignment to an employee that person is responsible for completing it, but the manager is accountable for the outcome.

Today’s retail managers are given training focused on employee relations to develop an engaged, inclusive employee base while holding them accountable for their actions. The prime duties include making sure their people have the proper training and tools to do their job as expected and managers can learn the other job functions as they go along.

Salaries for retail managers vary among retailers based on their physical and sales size, with an average starting salary of just under $40,000 a year. With a 40-hour work week that would come out to about $20 per hour. However, most retail managers are going to be scheduled as much as 52 hours per week, dropping their hourly rate to about $11 an hour. The incentive to work this position is the potential bonuses available for many salaried managers and the possibility of promotion to the next level of management.

There are some retailers that start their managers at $50,000 a year with a few offering more if they have experience, with some smaller retailers offering considerably less at about $25,000 per year. To be successful the retail manager has to love what they are doing and that includes teaching and training their people to do their jobs to the best of their ability, including taking care of their customers.


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