Recognizing the Benefits of E-Learning in the Workplace
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Recognizing the Benefits of E-Learning in the Workplace

E-learning is an alternative to traditional learning in that it is the transferring of knowledge and skills via electronic-based teaching rather than face-to-face instructor-led teaching.

Just what is e-learning? E-learning is an alternative to traditional learning in that it is the transferring of knowledge and skills via electronic-based teaching rather than face-to-face instructor-led teaching. In other words, transferring skills and knowledge via the computer internet, intranet, video, CD ROM, or other modern technology at one’s convenience anywhere. E-learning is also called distance learning, web-based training, online learning, and technology-based training. E-learning is a trendy and effective method in which to implement workplace learning.  I should point out that Asynchronous e-learning allows individuals to independently learn at their own pace. And Synchronous e-learning is led by an instructor via the internet. E-learning is a cost-effective way in which employers can deliver effective training to their employees and enhance professional development. Understandably, employers have to make budget cuts in some areas due to the economic recession.  However, E-learning is affordable and it’s necessary that employees receive effective training to enhance job performance and personal development. Therefore, managers should maintain budget allowances for e-learning programs.  Keep in mind that accomplishing valuable skills and knowledge in which one can add to their skill set will ultimately benefit the company overall. 

Some benefits of workplace e-learning are:

  • Convenient for the employers and employees
  • Flexibility- training can be scheduled around employees’ work schedule
  • Allows employees to remain within the company in a designated area free from distraction to learn valuable knowledge and skills
  • Because training is done on company premises, employees can be easily located if needed to address important job issues
  • Keeps employees from being away from the office for extended periods
  • Competitive advantage in using web-based teaching/training
  • Individuals will experience self-pace hands-on learning
  • Increased productivity
  • Improves basic computer skills and internet navigation
  • Employees will be able to apply learning to current job
  • Self-pace learning allows individuals to grasp and retain information better
  • Builds self-confidence in the learners
  • Improves employee retention and job satisfaction rate
  • No need to hire an instructor to teach classes
  • In the absence of an instructor, employees are able to use online support, such as: chat rooms, bulletin boards, chat rooms, live messaging support, and forums.
  • Company can eliminate costly overhead expenses for traditional learning programs

A drawback of e-learning is that- this isolated method of learning may not be ideal for everyone.  Individuals that are less aggressive than others may not ask for clarity when in doubt about certain content; and/or may find it difficult to navigate around the program because they lack good computer skills.  Another drawback is that e-learning may be difficult to evaluate. And yet another disadvantage is employees who are not quite computer savvy may lack motivation and confidence for e-learning and would instead prefer face-to-face instructor-led teaching. These drawbacks, if not dealt with appropriately, could interfere with increased learning ability and would ultimately decrease accurate productivity in the workplace.

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Comments (13)

A very educative piece of work. I hope more persons will begin to inculcate e-learning in the work environment.

So much learning and training can be done on the web. Great piece!

An excellent article on e-learning. While I am studying in this method, it is not linked to the workplace. I am independently studying with the open univesrity and am loving it. it is strange that in many courses, there is no face to face contact at all but you do get used to this and I think the benefits of this kind of learning far outweigh the cons. An excellent article on something close to my heart :D

What did we ever do without elearning? WEll composed informative article. Voted up.

the best means seems to be e-learning supplimented with face-to-face interaction once in a while. we enjoy chatting over a cup of coffee anyway.

E-learning has advanced even more; I mean to the extent of permitting engineering students to appear for their university exams on line and announcing their results instantaneously.Your article is thorough on e-learning.Thanks.

E-learning is now an integral part of training in workplace and even in educational institutions. It's a great tool. Voted up! Very well written. :)

I don't think this can be underestimated. It is such an important tool in this day and age. Great article, voted up.

I am using the internet in teaching my students. The problem is that internet connection in our place is not so fast.

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Unlike a one time classroom session, the elearning course is available for others. This includes the static elearning course as well as any ongoing conversations in networked communities.

Learning over the internet is a sign of the times. Reminds us of how technology is changing the world.

If it decreases tuition costs and is as effective as classroom learning, I'm all for it. It seems to be a growing trend.

In this age where everybody wants to get ahead of the curve and stay competitive in terms of skill and knowledge, online resources have been instrumental in helping individuals and companies get the necessary skill sets to certain positions in the organization. Online courses (like those we found in Career Academy have been proven to be helpful in terms of improving employee confidence, increasing productivity, and promoting an overall better environment for employees. It was an integral part to the development of our employees while providing a resource that is not only cost efficient but effective.