Master Before God
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Master Before God

This explains the leadership concept of Master before God. The concept ruled the human race for 2 million years to be replaced with a committee.

Master before God is an old concept that was originally developed in the days of sail before there was two way radio communications between a ship's captain at sea, and the shipowners who were often in some distant port. When the ship left its home port the And was entirely on his own until he returned. He had no one to answer to or for that matter help them make decisions. The only person that he had to depend on was himself alone, and God.

It was the invention of the radio in the early part of the 20th century that changed all this. Even 100 years later the jury is still out as to whether the changes made by radio communications are good or bad. The good part is that a ship's captain no longer has to totally depend on himself and God; instead he has a board of directors to contend with. This too might be a good thing except that often it results in a lot of second thinking or Monday morning quarterbacking.

A ship's master is by no means the only one who has had to work under the concept of Master before God. Anyone that is in charge of a group of men when they are separated from the normal channels of communication is in the same position. This often happens in the military when you are leading a unit in combat and encounter a situation that is beyond the normal. You suddenly find yourself in a position of having to make a decision with no one to fall back on except yourself or God.

Losing this ability to make a snap decision is something that is lost to many of us leaving us up to the tender mercies of the Monday morning quarterback. This may seem like a small matter at first, but it has led the civilized world into being populated with wimps.

It is virtually no longer possible for one person to make a decision without having all committee behind him second-guessing everything he does. Up until the development of modern communications mankind was often dependent on the decisions made by a single man. It is often been the case that this decision-making process has stood the human race in good stead for the past 2 million years.`

This turns the decision-making process into something that is run by committee. The trouble with this is the decision-making process is hampered by the CYA principle. Too many this is the Democratic way of doing things; unfortunately it also leads to confusion and the lack of a clear decision. As one wag put it, “A camel is a horse built by a committee.”


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Comments (1)

Hi John, very interesting article. I see that you've written a lot about finding gold, have you found any? I have to agree with you, our world today is populated with too many wimps, and not enough people with the ability to think and do something about it once they do. Thanks.