Leadership Qualities of an Exemplary Leader
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Leadership Qualities of an Exemplary Leader

Some may argue that good leaders are born whereas others believe that one can learn to develop excellent leadership qualities over time. Indisputably, both viewpoints are correct.

Some may argue that good leaders are born whereas others believe that one can learn to develop excellent leadership qualities over time. Indisputably, both viewpoints are correct. For those individuals who are born with leadership traits they will find that leading others successfully is a natural ability. But others have come to realize that gaining exemplary leadership qualities is a learning process.

Nonetheless, in order to be an effective leader whether in the business field, educational setting, or political arena- one must not only demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities but should also be willing to serve others as well. Although there are many traits that might define an exemplary leader…I have listed qualities that I believe are a vital aspect of good leadership. So whether you are born with leadership traits or if you just have a passion to lead others, this article discloses basic qualities of a good leader that you ought to possess.

  • Demonstrate excellent people skills- First and foremost, in order to be an effective leader one must be able to work well with people from all walks of life. You must have a personality that attracts others to you. In other words, you must display a congenial demeanor towards all people and treat others with respect.
  • Lead by example- a good leader must be a role model for others.  If you talk the talk you must certainly walk the walk. Your character should line up with your beliefs.  And you should never instruct others to do things that you don’t believe in or practice yourself.  And just as you would expect your team to take accountability for their actions, you should do the same. Your initial aim should be to prove to your followers that you are a credible leader.  Keep in mind that you could initiate a positive or negative relationship with your team members, depending upon your style of leadership.
  • Competent- a good leader knows his/her stuff. In order to gain the cooperation and respect from your team you must exhibit competency in your profession. You will need to prove to your followers that you are qualified to lead. You can’t expect someone to follow your lead if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Communication- a good leader communicates effectively with his/her staff consistently. As you set goals, make plans, and changes you will need to communicate them to your team.  Keep your team abreast of your headed direction via email, phone, letter, text, and/or in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Passionate- a leader sets the tone for his/her followers.  You must show that you are passionate about your role.  You can motivate your followers to follow your lead and reach desired goals by demonstrating passion for your position.
  • Visionary- a good leader is a visionary (visualize the future) and will share the vision with his/her followers and encourage them to help make the vision a reality.
  • Innovative thinking- a good leader is able to “think outside of the box”. The innovative thinker will implement fresh new ideas that will help guide his/her group to a more flourishing future. You are not afraid to take risk and will strive to make your dream a reality.
  • Trustworthy- can you be trusted? A good leader attempts to earn the trust of his/her team. Your character must demonstrate that you can be trusted. When you make promises to your staff you must follow through.  You must be willing to admit when you are wrong and offer to fix any broken promises or mistakes. When you are not truthful or fail to accept responsibility for your actions you will inevitably erode your credibility with your team.   
  • Shows empathy- as leader, you cannot be self-centered but you must show that you are concerned about your staff and their needs.  Show them that you have their best interest in mind.  You will need to take time to listen attentively to any concerns or request they might have and try to accommodate them.
  • Engage your team- a good leader will connect with his/her group.  When you involve your staff in all aspects of the venture they will be more inspired to help you attain desired goals and objectives.  You can help your team members reach their fullest potential by taking interest in their individual talent. When you find that your staff is supportive, vastly productive, and capable of successfully leading in your absence- this is a reflection of good leadership.

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Very well composed qualities of a model leader.

I have to agree with you, especially that "lead by example."

Excellent article.

An excellent piece, mate. I'm more of a behind the scenes person though

I certainly always respected a good leader. Wonderful article. Vote up.

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