How to Keep Your Boss Happy Always?
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How to Keep Your Boss Happy Always?

Making your boss happy is more important in any organization.

It is very difficult to manage boss in office recent days. This is mainly because of extreme expectations over employees. So how to cope up with this situation? Here are a few tips to manage our boss and make him happy always.

Understand what he conveys to you

Sometimes misunderstanding leads to problems. In many situations our bosses in office may be in a tough mood and hence he may not convey to employees what he tries to say. It is the employee's duty to understand the fact. If you did not understand what your boss comes to say, then try to ask him one more time and get cleared. This will make both boss and employee happy. If there is a misunderstanding then employee will do a wrong thing and finally he will get fired at the end of the day.

Try to complete your work at time

Always stick to the schedule. Never do anything late. If at all you feel that the schedule is very stringent and it is not possible to complete an activity, then immediately convey to your boss about this and try to make him understand. Support with proper reasons about the delay and do not simply bluff which will make boss irritated. But after conveying your boss try to analyze why there is a delay in schedule and try to avoid such kind of reasons in future.

Never ask monetary benefits directly

In most of the situations it is our boss who decides about the increments and monetary benefits in offices. Never ask directly about your requirements. Instead do your work and objectives successfully and make your boss to understand that you are an effective and most important person in the organization. This will automatically make him to reward you monetarily.

Try to show continual improvement

Your performances will always should go in an incremental trend. Never show any negative points of you. If at all you do a mistake, try to accept it openly to boss which makes him feel little happy. Never hide any truth from your boss. These kind of approaches will make you to improve continuously in your official career and your boss can directly observe this.

Show organizational improvements. Not yours.

Always try to show improvements in your organization because of your works. Never try to show about your growth and positives directly. This makes your boss understand that you work for organization and not for yourself.

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