Graduates in Business Management Welcomed by Nonprofits
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Graduates in Business Management Welcomed by Nonprofits

College graduates who enter the job market with a business management degree may have a tough time finding a job initially. An alternative may be work with a nonprofit on a paid or volunteer basis. Business management college graduates will simultaneously build a resume, gain work experience and make a difference in the community. Photo source: Morguefile

When the economy goes south, it can have a negative impact on nonprofit organizations. Demand for services increase at a time when funding is below rock bottom. Small charities that operate on a shoestring can be especially vulnerable.

The combination of low funding an increased need is a double blow that can make it a necessity to have someone with business management skills on staff. The problem is that this perfect storm strikes when a charity is least able to pay someone to help. This is also a time when someone with business management experience can be valuable.

General skills that are useful may include:

  • The ability to function effectively as part of a fast paced team.
  • A good understanding and inner knowledge of social networking and how the different platforms can be utilized by the charity.
  • Good skills in both written and oral communication.
  • Flexibility with both schedule and work environment.
  • The ability to work with a diverse set of people of different income levels and ethnicity.
  • Capability to accept the leadership and guidance of others who may have more experience.

The duties of a nonprofit business manager may include:

  • Capacity building to help raise needed funds that the organization will use to further the designated mission.
  • Strategic planning to assist in moving the charity forward in the face of financial or other challenges.
  • The development of income streams to aid with capacity building efforts.

It can be important for recent graduates who have a business management degree to establish a relationship with a charity prior to graduation. The experience can give prospective candidates an understanding about how the nonprofit world works. That can be important for candidates that want to volunteer or who hope to obtain a job in the nonprofit sector.

Someone who has a business management degree who does land a job with a nonprofit organization will typically make less than their peers. It has been said that jobs with charities offer 'part-time pay for full time work'. That does not mean that the skills that are being built are any less important. In fact, as corporations become increasingly community conscious, the charity background of an applicant can give the person an edge over the competition.

For some, the time spent with a nonprofit will become a business management career that they find more rewarding than the work done in the private sector.

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