Effective Rapport Building
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Effective Rapport Building

Here are techniques to effectively build rapport for success on professional and personal front.

In simple words rapport is how you get along with the ‘other’. It is the single most important factor that affects your personal brand and your success at personal and professional level. A good rapport will sell you if you are a candidate or sales person and ensure that you can negotiate your way through any situation if you are a manager. Following are the factors that determine effective rapport building.

Empathy: To put it simply empathy is putting you in the other person’s shoes. Empathy enables you to look out from the others perspective and feel and think like him. According to Michael Brook author of Instant Rapport “People fall into rapport very quickly and automatically with people who are like them. Rapport reverses strict law of physics: instead of opposite attracting, like attracts like”. By being empathetic and thinking ‘like’ the ‘other’ you will become instantly likeable. The more likeable you get the better your following and more the success.

Gain Confidence: The second step is to keep up your likeability by proving your credibility and dependability to others. Present yourself effectively so as to make them believe that you are capable of doing what you promise. Support your point with reason and facts. Sell yourself well.

Be Humble: Don’t let people feel inferior or unworthy. Keep yourself low-key and give and give others their space and time. Do not pressurize, push or exert. Make people comfortable in your company before you ask them to buy you!

Be Sincere and Honest: Nothing shatters a rapport more than exposed insincerity or dishonesty. Be outright honest about what you say and the way you say it. Say what you mean and mean what you say. A prospective employer, customer or life partner for that matter would not like to work, purchase or spent their life with you if you come across as someone who is trying to misinform, manipulate.

Be a good listener: Always be ready to listen to others. And do so with patience and empathy. In response offer your most sincere advice even if you have to stake your own benefits for that. A good rapport will bring better benefits in the long run.

Have a Cheerful Disposition and be Friendly: People are more likely to get into a good rapport with you if you are cheerful and happy to look at. Be open and amicable. If people feel pleasant and comfortable in your company they are more likely to get convinced by you.

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