Difficulty in Eradicating Corruption from Indian Society
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Difficulty in Eradicating Corruption from Indian Society

Anna Hazare has been projected as crusader against corruption in India. There are so many inherent loopholes in movement against corruption which indicates that Indian society is basically corrupt in nature. It is practically very difficult in eradicating corruption from Indian system.

 Corruption has always been projected as biggest hurdle in the development of a developing economy like India. The issue has been thoroughly discussed, debated and so many resolutions passed against corruption on varied for a so many times. It would have been ideal that corruption should have been weeded out from our system way back. But here lies the reality of practical life. Till this day, corruption is very much part and parcel of our day to day life. We, the people of India, are very sentimental about certain issues and corruption is amongst one of them. Nobody will dare to admit that we, the people of India, are basically corrupt in nature. It is like somebody abusing us,but unfortunately that is reality of present day India. Corruption in India is here since time immemorial and is going to stay for years to come. I am so confident about the same because of following mentioned facts of Indian psyche and Indian society.

Frustration against politicians and not corruption :

Anna Hazare is a modern day Mahatma Gandhi for his crusade against corruption. He has received the tremendous support of people of India for his fast for the cause of Lokpal. It has to be remembered that whatever support Anna Hazare has got is not entirely for his Jan Lokpal movement, but it is a combination of number of factors. Firstly, he got the support of people because it is a manifestation of frustration of people against the present day inefficient Governing body including politicians and bureaucrats. Just imagine, if Anna Hazare would have been a politician from any political party, do you really think he would have got the same support for the same movement against corruption? The answer is big ‘NO’. Anna Hazare’s movement has given a vent to the simmering population to express against the rulers through the sentimental issue of corruption.

24X7 Media cover:

Secondly, the success of Anna Hazare’s stardom and movement entirely lies with 24x7 coverage of electronic media. Anna Hazare has been fighting for social cause in Maharashtra for last so many decades and still he is a low key figure and the reason being comparatively, less media cover of his activities.Just imagine, if this coverage would not have been there, do you really think that powerful political lobby and Delhi police would have allowed Anna Hazare to do Ramlila maidan trick? Again the answer is big ‘NO’.

Casual approach:

Thirdly, even team Anna had openly accepted the fact that they never expected such a huge support from Indian population for his fight against corruption. Initially, they just planned a routine dharna and fast at Rajghat for the cause of Lokpal. Even the dates of same fast had also been changed in view of the IPL cricket matches at that time. See the irony, even the modern day Mahatma had apprehensions in his mind tha people will give preference to IPL cricket matches and World cup rather than the issue of corruption. It is very unfortunate, but we should live in this practical world with such kind of realities.

Hypocritic Indian society:

Fourthly, even the supporters are not clear about exact nature of Jan Lokpal and its implications on Indian society. They are under the hallucination that once the Jan Lokpal comes in existence then like a magic wand, all the corruption will be weeded from system and everything will fall in place after that. They are not aware that Jan Lokpal only talks about corruption at the higher political and bureaucratic levels and not day to day corruption in collectorate, courts or traffic police check points. There were reported cases of dichotomy where supporters of Anna Hazare at Ramlila maidan where hiding from certain people because they were the same people who had taken 500 Rs bribe from another person standing beside him at Ramlila maidan, for pushing his file up for registration of land. There are so many cases where we say ‘ Anna Hazare zindabad’ at 8 pm in Ramlila maidan and also takes bribe the next day in office from 9 am to 5 pm. Is this mass population support of any help in fight against corruption?

Scope of corruption:

Fifthly, we are under wrong impression when we consider corruption in terms of some money given and some money taken i.e. only bribe is considered as corruption. Why we forget that all sorts of favouritism, nepotism- are the part and parcel of corruption only, which most of us do on day to day basis?


There are so many such facts in public life which are difficult to digest, but it is the reality. So one should always opt for optimum and not live in utopian world. The solution to the problem is very simple. There is no need of any ‘zindabad, murdabad’, just be loyal to your conscience and make it sure that you will never ever do corruption in your life. Have faith in democracy and the system, the good sense of majority will prevail one day and we will….

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Thanks Dakshina for your support and encouragement. I hope you will contribute a lot in getting me more views of this article.