Benefits of Being a Cool Personality
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Benefits of Being a Cool Personality

Remaining a cool personality not only elevates your personality, but it also helps to carry forward your family as well as your organization to the next higher level.

Benefits of being a cool personality!

One's personality plays a vital role in the human relationships. To have a cordial relationship with your fellow human beings and build it up, you must always remain cool. When I was in the Government service, I had a great admiration for one of my colleagues who was an embodiment of patience and always remained cool. He was soft spoken and never lost his temper. For his virtues and the finest qualities that he possessed, he was held in high esteem by one and all. 

He was so adjustable; never had any misunderstanding or difference of opinion with any of us; never disobeyed his higher authorities. While we were very particular in quitting the office at the end of office hours, say exactly after 1700 hours, he remained at the office up to 1900 or 2000 hours. Such was his selflessness and devotion to his duties. Among the finest qualities that he possessed, I admired his coolness very much which was the basic and guiding factor for all his virtues and fine qualities. Some twelve years ago, I lost his touch because I quit the government service on voluntary retirement.

However, whenever I was in a crunch situation, his ice cool personality came to my mind and I tried my best to remain as cool as possible. Having said that it does not mean remaining cool is very easy. It is a tough proposal. In a way it is a lifestyle. To remain cool, you must cultivate that habit slowly and steadily. You must have a family background in which the members of your family should have a liking and understanding for your cool personality. If your family members are uneducated, rustic and mostly remain aggressive, then it is really a tough ask.

You may even be tempted to ask, why a person should always remain cool rather artificially and as against one's natural personality. After all your behavior pattern is built up or molded according to the family background you are being brought up. So it is not easy to change your natural personality overnight. But, for the sheer advantages that you may derive for being a cool personality, you must adopt it as a way of life. Remaining a cool person gives you the mental as well as the physical strength to meet any intricate situation you may come across and even help you to bail out your family members when they are in difficult situations.

When you remain cool, you remain calm and collected besides being level headed that helps you to approach any difficult situation quite logically and reasonably and find a befitting solution for any difficult problem or unexpected situation. Thus your cool personality plays a vital role in problem solving, besides saving your energy for sure. Personally you have the added advantages of avoiding health risks like increase of your pulse rate, having hypertension and being prone to heart attack etc.

Being a cool person, your personality gets elevated in your family as well as in your office. In the family, your family members meekly obey you and willingly hear and follow what you say. In the office, if you are a subordinate official, your cool personality creates wonders since you solve any difficult problem or tackle any difficult situation rather quite easily and in turn it helps to progress in your career quite easily. If you are a boss or in a managerial position in your office, your cool personality makes you a lovable person making your subordinates willingly obey what you say. In other words, your cool personality changes the behavioral pattern of the entire staff of your organization.

No doubt one's family background and how you are actually brought up from your childhood days plays a crucial role in developing a cool personality in you. It does not mean, if you do not have a good family background or if you are not brought up well from your childhood days, you cannot have or you can not develop a cool personality in you. Making sustained efforts in the right direction, you can still have a nice and cool personality. Once you become cool, your coolness can be infectious in your family.

Whatever might be your personality, you still can become ice cool, provided you have a strong will to develop it consciously. You must have a single minded concentration. After all, it is a mind game. Hence, in the pursuit of a cool personality, it is advisable to go for regular meditation and if possible, practice any form of yoga regularly according to your convenience.

Thus, as a human being, by remaining a cool personality, you stand to lose nothing. On the other hand, besides avoiding a few specific health risks, your personality gets elevated, you grapple with the most intricate situations quite easily and skillfully. And above all, your cool behavior, carry forward your family as well as your organization in which you are working to the next higher level quite easily.

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Comments (10)

Excellent! Very interesting make some valid points here. Thanks

Very true evaluation of a cool personality. You had a great role model to learn from to be able to write this helpful encouragement.Thank you.

Excellent tips about carrying oneself well at work. Being the opposite has actually caused many to lose their job and quit working.

I got to agree with you, totally..

Sony CLASS1 ID:379001

From this article, I understand some strengths to be a cool personailty . To have a cordial relationship with your fellow human beings and build it up, you must always remain cool. I think it will do some help in my future carreer.

Thank you .

CCB CLASS 1 ID:379037

A good atricle for me , I can understand the evaluation of a cool personlity for my futuer. Thank you for your hard work.

Excellent analysis! That's true.

just what I needed

A great analysis of the cool personality. I wish I had more of these traits, I have a far too fiery personality. A great read, Rama :D

Thanks for your comment Norma Roy.I too crave for such an ideal personality.But only a handful of people are blessed with it.Anyhow we have to make conscious efforts to have such a personality which is always handy and beneficial for our well being.