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The effects of bullying should never be underestimated, because it can be serious, and even fatal. It is still carried out widely, and because it is under researched, is often misunderstood, and ignored as a result of ignorance. However the fatal consequences of bullying can be alarming, life threatening, and very often fatal.
Published by Colin Dovey 92 months ago in Leadership & Management | +29 votes | 16 comments
A good leader will have the qualities like charisma,skills in oration,writing,decision making,time management, administration, besides being resourceful,a man of wit and knowledge and fund of common sense; a good leader will also be honest,a man of integrity,idealistic and visionary.
Published by Rama lingam 104 months ago in Leadership & Management | +17 votes | 16 comments
E-learning is an alternative to traditional learning in that it is the transferring of knowledge and skills via electronic-based teaching rather than face-to-face instructor-led teaching.
Published by Donata L. 97 months ago in Leadership & Management | +28 votes | 14 comments
This articles reveals the importance of employee performance appraisals and how this procedure can potentially benefit the employee as well as the organization overall. The performance appraisal is basically a tool to measure employee’s job performance and productivity rate within a specific time frame. Consistent employee feedback is essential; in that, it gives the employee valuable information about his/her job performance and consequently set realistic goals and work patterns that im...
Published by Donata L. 84 months ago in Leadership & Management | +33 votes | 12 comments
All really worthwhile accomplishments, whether we are cognisant of them or not must go through three stages: Goals, Plans and then Action. Simply by focusing on this simple sequence, it becomes possible to develop a workable strategy for squeezing many more actual accomplishments into the time we spend on this mortal coil.
Published by Colin Dovey 90 months ago in Leadership & Management | +16 votes | 12 comments
Some may argue that good leaders are born whereas others believe that one can learn to develop excellent leadership qualities over time. Indisputably, both viewpoints are correct.
Published by Donata L. 93 months ago in Leadership & Management | +35 votes | 11 comments
If you are a leader in the office or hold a supervisory position, problem solving skills is one of the requirements of a good leader.
Published by Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay) 107 months ago in Leadership & Management | +34 votes | 11 comments
Employee engagement results in employee loyalty, commitment, and retentionÂ…along with improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Employees want to feel empowered and valued by their company. Moreover, engaged employees are usually happier overall, once theyÂ’ve attained job satisfaction
Published by Donata L. 88 months ago in Leadership & Management | +26 votes | 10 comments
Remaining a cool personality not only elevates your personality, but it also helps to carry forward your family as well as your organization to the next higher level.
Published by Rama lingam 92 months ago in Leadership & Management | +17 votes | 10 comments
Empower simply means to relinquish power or authority to someone. Technically, you will not completely give up your power, but will share it with your team members.
Published by Donata L. 94 months ago in Leadership & Management | +31 votes | 10 comments
There are two types of motivation: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsically motivated workers are motivated by incentives and external rewards and the intrinsically motivated workers are simply self-motivated.
Published by Donata L. 101 months ago in Leadership & Management | +14 votes | 9 comments
An organized strategy of recording personal successes can contribute toward increased self-productivity and bolster career advancement. When you can include your staff in this as well, then you will really be going places.
Published by Colin Dovey 101 months ago in Leadership & Management | +19 votes | 9 comments
It is not easy to be a good leader. It is a deeply human process, full of trial & error, victories & defeats, intuition & insight. This article is an illustration of the disasters that would result, if there is lack of co-ordination, and lack of leadership.
Published by kiran y s 107 months ago in Leadership & Management | +15 votes | 9 comments
Who is to blame for our present monetary crisis? The unpleasant truth is we all share the blame.
Published by John Carter 94 months ago in Leadership & Management | +11 votes | 8 comments
Good meetings have leadership, bad meetings do not. The success of a meeting will depend largely on your ability as a chairperson to get things done efficiently and to reach group in minimum time. The following strategies will help you conduct a successful meeting. Directly or indirectly, they all point to the one goal – ensuring that the meeting will achieve its purpose.
Published by Colin Dovey 102 months ago in Leadership & Management | +14 votes | 8 comments
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