Are We a Nation of Wimps?
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Are We a Nation of Wimps?

We have degenerated into a nation of wimps, a cowardly lot who is afraid of doing anything but looking out for personal safety.

Heaven only knows what is gotten into the United States or for that matter many other nations in the world, but since the end of World War II we have degenerated into a bunch of wimps that can be led around by the nose like a flock of sheep. The biggest problem is thinking you are a flock of sheep you very shortly become a flock of sheep that is capable of being led, but not capable of doing any leading.

The greatest generation that lived in the United States was where the men and women who fought during World War II. Most of the veterans of that conflict have now gone to their reward, and I'm sure they must be turning in their graves to see what they left behind them in the world.

Something that all of us veterans learned while we were serving our country was the rot starts at the top and works its way down. Our leadership has acted like rotten apples in infecting the rest of us until we have been lowered into the position of being nothing but sheep.

It seems as we entered the 21st century the general feeling among our politicians and many of our leaders has been that the United States is no longer a first rate world power. This may be what they're feeling is, but the United States is still largest single economy the world has ever seen, and contrary to popular belief that we are fading away we are still over 40% larger than any other economy in the world. The economy of just one of our states, California, is larger than all but eight of the nations on earth.

Instead of looking forward to the future our leadership has taken a different tack and that is toward being safe. Nothing is ever accomplished by adopting this attitude except bringing on the ultimate defeat of the system that made the United States great.

Aside from being hell-bent for election to drive the United States down into the pit a new attitude has grown up in this country that stifles innovation. It was an innovation that got us where we were in the first place. When the Revolutionary war started, and George Washington became the commander-in-chief of our colonial army he only had a total of four cannon to equip the new army that had to face the most powerful army on earth, the British Army.

The innovation that ultimately won us the Revolutionary war and defeated the British was the ability to make cast-iron cannon in a quiet town in the northwest corner of Connecticut called Salisbury. In the first six months of the Revolutionary War the iron Masters of Salisbury cast 850 tons of cannon, and during the duration of the war they cast a total of 850 cannon ranging from small for pounders to massive 34 pounders that led to the defeat of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia.

These people took the chance I'm going against the British Army, and ultimately defeating them, but could our leaders today take on such a challenge? It appears they are busier with the concept of CYA than anything else. It is not only the political leadership that has the sickness, but it is also the leaders of industry.

This raises the interesting question of when are we going to learn that you can’t accomplish anything by you being wimps, or a nation of sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter!

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