3 Things to Do Before Making a Business Decision
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3 Things to Do Before Making a Business Decision

Discover how to make quality decisions as a manager and in business. A simple 3 step guide to making decisions in business

The world of business moves with speed and accuracy and when decisions must be made, everyone looks to the leader or manager to make the call. Critical planning and strategic thinking are important qualities that a decision maker has to have. In many businesses, the focus is on leadership and developing leaders but sometimes the businesses overlook the importance of the qualities of a good leader. Although most experts say that leadership is what an organization needs, management is also important because it involves regulation of the various activities and plans that make a business or organization successful.

To make right decisions, a team boss needs to play the role of both of a leader and that of a manager. While some managers focus on the bottom line, a real decision maker focuses on the people that will affect the results of the bottom line. You might need to do some research on the options, because it helps to have knowledge with decisions.  To exemplify the roles successfully, you should consider the following about making good decisions:

Decisions are usually made after considering all the evidence and options: This involves looking at all the positives and negatives before making a decision. You have to examine everything through the eyes of all those who will be affected by the decision whether negatively or positively. Today this is not often considered as business profit and making money are usually the things that people place their priorities on.

Do everything you can to make the decision without pressure. This may mean that you have to go away for a little while to think through the decision or sleep on it. Depending on the urgency of matter, the leader making the decision should take the time to get quiet and think through without allowing the pressure to influence their decision. Usually speed is critical in business because while a person waits, things can change. The key is to be ready at all times and to make decisions without pressure. This can be done by taking a deep breath, walking away from the decision making place for a bit or even just closing one’s eyes and allowing the decision options to sink in.  

Discuss your decision with the right people. Unless the decision is one that you have to make by yourself, being a good decision maker also means you are willing to discuss the decision options with the right people. This is where the trait of a leader comes in. When a critical decision is made, usually management become detached from those who the decision affects. Every decision made by a manager will affect someone, positively or negatively. The key is to discuss the decision with the right people.

While there is no right way to make a decision, a good decision maker will consider all the options and evidence needed to make the decision, the leader will also focus on making the decision without external pressure and will discuss the final decision with the right people. 

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